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PLEASE NOTE: NO packing or loading can take place unless this form is complete

Insurance Declaration

Although management and personnel are doing their almost in handling you furniture with the greatest care, damage may still occur. We kindly advise you that the transportation, packing and storage of furniture is carried out at owner's risk. We are therefore not responsible for any damage, even if negligence and/or intent cause the damage.

Insurance can be arranged on you behalf:
  1. The tariff for all risk insurance is R20 per R1000 value.
  2. The tariff for coverage in storage is 0,5% of the value of the furniture per month.
  3. Restricted transit insurance (damaged as result of fire, collision, overturning, hijacking and sasria) is automatically included for a maximum value of R200 000. Additional restricted transit insurance can be arranged @ 1,5% of the value above R 200 000.
The full replacement value of your furniture and goods removed must be insured not only certain articles.

All fragile goods packed by the owner are not covered by the policy should any DAMAGE OCCUR, THE EXCESS payable in lieu of claims is 10% of the total claim- minimum R2 000. In case of fire, collision and overturning, excess is 10% of claim - minimum R2 000. In case of hijacking, excess is 10% of furniture value.

Claims must be submitted in writing within 72 hours after removal

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The insurance company, AIG, would only be liable for the content of box / suitcase / container specified, should you arrange insurance with us, if each box / suitcase / container is clearly numbered and a list, compiled by the client, of the content of each is given to the supervisor, prior to loading. The rand value of each item has to be specified next to the items / suitcase / container. If you fail to do so, maximum value of box / suitcase / container will be considered to be R50 only.
Neither the removal company, nor the insurance company, AIG, will be liable for theft of the following items:
Jewellery, watches, precious stones, money, wine, spirits, food, groceries, cameras, video cameras, photographic equipment, radios, car radios, tape records, cd's, fire-arms, ammunition, cell phones, laptop computers and personal documents.

Plants will be transported only if there is enough room available in the removal vehicle, no claim in lieu of plants or plant containers will be considered.

Shortages have to be reported to the supervisor and noted on the delivery note, as shortages cannot be claimed afterwards.

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